Chumchurum Soonhari flavored soju

Soju is the most popular liquor, ranked as the #1 selling alcoholic beverage in the world! Soonhari soju is a clear colorless distilled spirit native to Korea, made from rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes or tapioca. It offers a light sweet, crisp and clean taste with a cool finish. Its special advantages are a lower calorie profile and a lower proof alcohol content. Soju delivers only about half the calories of ordinary vodka while delivering incomparable superior rich taste. As the leader in medium-level alcohol content spirits, soju can be enjoyed straight or it can lend itself as a perfect cocktail ingredient.


Size                                  375ml

Available Flavors         peach/apple/strawberry/citron/applemango/yogurt

Quantity                        20 bottle / 1 box           

ABV                                 12-14%